History of the Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

A diamond cut signifies a design guidance on the shaping of a diamond.  A diamond cut does not necessarily refer to the actual shape of the cut such as an oval or pear shape.  It signifies the symmetry of the diamond as well as the polish and proportion of the diamond.  A cushion cut diamond ring is a style of a ring cut that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The cushion cut diamond ring is at times referred to as the old mine diamond cut rings.  This style was found curved out in the early eighteenth century.  Following this, the old European cut style came into being.  History of the general diamond cut goes back to the late mid-ages.  Before these ages, diamond gems were used in their natural state and cushion cut diamond ring style did not exist.  Diamonds were generally not used as jewelry.  The first polish was done by cleaning up blemished stones.  These were then referred to as point cuts.

By the year 1375, there was a somewhat guide to diamond cuts and polishes that jewelers used.  Later, the augmentation of a four corner aspect in the diamond gem was created which gave rise to the old single cut sometimes referred to as the eight cut.  The cushion cut diamond ring items were created much later.  During the early eras, diamond was not values for its beauty as much as it was valued for its hardness and superlative luster.

It appeared black to the eye and for this reason other gems such as sapphire and ruby were valued more for their beauty and attractive appeal.  The term cushion cut diamond ring came into being when the rounded squares were shaped on the diamond.  They were then all in rounded rectangles or squares when looked at a cross sectional view as opposed to a circular shape.  Cushion cut diamond rings are always an enviable item.

updated 5/9/20