Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Compared to Other Diamond Rings

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

The term diamond cut refers to a design or style that is utilized in the shaping of a diamond when it is being polished.  The cushion cut diamond ring is a ring that has been cut with the cushion cut diamond style.  This style is seen as more of a traditional square.  This style has in recent years gained much popularity within the elite circles.  The cushion cut diamond ring contains a diamond that has been curved out as a square but has four round edges.

This shape looks like it utilizes two cut styles to achieve its sophisticated style.  It appears to have used the brilliant round style and the asscher or radiant cut to come up with one unique cut style.  This cross between the two styles yields a magnificent cut and other cut styles that look much like the cushion diamond cut are the modern oval cut and the old miners cut.  However, the cushion cut diamond ring is unique in its cut and one cannot miss its perfectly rounded edges.

Due to its fetching rounded edges, the cushion cut diamond ring has earned the nickname of pillow cut.  Other people also know it better as the candlelight cut also because of its rounded edges as well as its reflective sparkle that it gives out when placed next to a candle light.  It is therefore associated more with romance because it is during romantic times that candlelight is used.  Further, the cushion cut diamond ring has used the candlelight nickname for a while because it came from the classic eras when candlelight was the major source of lighting.  This nickname has been passed on from generation to generation and the wearer of the cushion cut diamond ring receives much attention and recognition.  The perfect proportion for a cushion cut diamond is 1:1 perfect square.

updated 5/9/20