Choosing the Best Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

by admin on January 12, 2012

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

A cushion cut diamond ring is a very popular and highly preferred engagement ring in the market today.  It has retained its popularity over the years due to its simplistic cut that is a favorite to many.  Selecting the very best of the cushion cut diamond ring items can be a challenge especially with the many rings on the market.  The attractive and puffy appearance of the cushion cut diamond ring is sure to be liked by the lady partner.

However, the buyer should consider one or two other aspects that relate to the cushion cut diamond ring.  These include the size of the stone.  A larger facetted stone has a better look and appeal than a smaller faced stone.  Typically, the bigger the stone, the larger the facet will be and ultimately, the brighter the stone, making it stand out from the other rings.  The buyer should also consider the prongs.  These are the thin support lines which extend from the ring’s band all the way to the diamond and they hold he stone in place.  These prongs should be chosen right because they form a contrast with the stone which can either be a good or a bad contrast.

Cushion cut diamond ring items should have good and strong ring prongs which hold the stone firmly in place and at the same time prevent the stone from moving.  The buyer should also ensure that they choose a cushion cut diamond ring that contains a very clear and crystal diamond color that is attractive and reflective as well.  Choosing the right ring band is also an important and integral part of the ring choosing because bands come in several different metals.  In as much as many are made of white gold, some are also made of platinum or silver metals.

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